MTGhomeI offer therapy services at my Deeper Cravings office in the heart of beautiful and historic downtown Edmonds.

Call  (425) 321-5859 to make an appointment

I primarily see adult individuals and specialize in:

  • Barriers to sustained weight loss
  • Eating Issues (compulsive, emotional & binge eating)
  • Negative self image (including body image)
  • Chronic denying of Self and the resulting: depression, anxiety, and relationship challenges
  • Spiritually oriented therapy

***If you are specifically looking to explore coming in to a peaceful relationship with food and your body and overcoming issues of yo-yo dieting, overeating and body shame then explore the 12 week Deeper Cravings Path™  course a therapy/coaching experience.

My Philosophy on Therapy

When Michelangelo was asked how he created a piece of sculpture, he answered that the statue already existed within the marble. God himself had created the Pieta, David, Moses. Michelangelo’s job, as he saw it, was to get rid of the excess marble that surrounded God’s creation. So it is with you”. Marianne Williamson

Much like the statue within the rock in the quote above, I believe that each and every one of us has a true self, an inner wisdom calling us to wholeness and yet for most of us there are various struggles in life that create barriers to attaining a sustained connection with our authentic self.  For some these barriers show up as eating issues, for others there are pervasive feelings of ‘not-enoughness’, depression, anxiety, addiction, obsession with work, negative relationship patterns or a combination of a few of these issues. Behind these struggles I believe that we crave peace, authenticity and joyful living. It is this belief that is the foundation of my work both with individuals and families in therapy, and in my life coaching/educational work.

Areas of Interest

I specialize in offering a mindfulness-based approach to eating and body weight issues (primarily compulsive eating, binge eating, emotional eating), as well as negative body and self-image issues (such as coping with the social stigma of obesity, chronic yo-yo  dieting and weight loss obsession). In this work I support a wide range of issues including depression, anxiety, stress management, trauma, grief and relationship issues.

 My early career supporting children and families with terminal illness had a tremendous impact on me, and shaped me to see the preciousness of every moment and the importance of truly ‘arriving’ in our life. As such, the ‘practice of presence’ is hugely important to my work and my personal spiritual life. I have seen time and time again the power of arriving in the present moment and believe by learning how to hold our moments, even the moments of suffering; we unlock a key to finding more joy and true peace in our lives.

As a wife and a mother of two small children, a business owner, and a former member of senior management teams, I feel that I can truly understand the difficulty of achieving balance.  I know how life can feel like such a grind at times but I also know to my core that it is meant to be so much more than simply tolerated. I believe our lives are always calling us into more joy and connection…it is our birthright to BE here, to really live to the fullest.  A Part of being able to do that is having the necessary support to move beyond patterns of struggle and difficult events.

My Treatment Approach

As your therapist, I see my role as one of helping you to remove the barriers getting in the way of you living to your full potential.  This process involves providing you with tools, teaching you new skills and creating a safe space where I can help you access the resources and the wisdom that you already have but may be out of your view, concealed by your current struggle or life circumstance.  I see us as collaborative partners. Together we co-create your path to a healthier and happier life. I have an integrative approach to therapy drawing on concepts from both Eastern & Western Spirituality and a wide range of psychological theories.

I believe what makes therapy a truly amazing and sacred process is perhaps most importantly the mutual ‘fit’ between client and therapist. I am fortunate enough to have had the gift of doing years of my own ‘inner work’ with several different therapists working from various theoretical orientations and I have experienced what it is like to sit in ‘the opposite chair’. It is my goal and intention to cultivate a relationship and experience where each and every one my clients leave my office feeling validated and empowered. I recognize that your therapy experience is a tremendous investment of your time and energy. If you choose to journey with me, I will view every moment as a precious honor.

Fees: $135/50 min session. I currently see clients on a private pay basis only. I do not take any form of insurance. I do offer sliding scale (see below).

I addition I have a limited number of sliding scale spaces (reduced fee).

“Peggy,  I left our session feeling so good. I expect the road to that place of peace and gentleness and greater self compassion will be a long one…but each session with you, each time I “catch” myself being present in a moment…I feel that little flame inside me of hope being stoked. Thank you.”
Debbie, Seattle, Wa, 2013

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