Mindfulness Workshops:  


Workshop: Introduction to Mindfulness

November 15th, 2017 – 7:00-9:00pm

In this introductory workshop you will discover an ancient practice that in modern times has been scientifically proven to significantly contribute to improved health and well being. You will discover what mindfulness is, how to do it and why it works through experiencing several practices. We will also discuss how this practice can dramatically change your relationship with food and your body, improve your mental health so that the content of your thoughts lead to more peace and clarity overall and shift the quality of both your personal and professional relationships. You will leave with simple strategies to integrate this healthy habit into your daily life

fee: $25(residents)/$29 (non residents)

At the Lynnwood Recreation Center, Lynnwood Washington

To register call: (425) 670 – 5732 or online: www.playlynwood.com

Workshop: Mindfulness Loving
March 1st, 2018 – 7:30-9:00pm

In this interactive workshop you will discover how the an ancient practice of mindfulness can significantly transform destructive thought patterns that hurt relationships. You will learn simple techniques that will allow you to be more present and compassionate in both your professional and personal relationships. You will learn the one essential skill that will  radically transform your satisfaction in all of your encounters with others.
fee: $25(residents)/$29 (non residents)
At the Lynnwood Recreation Center, Lynnwood Washington
To register call: (425) 670 – 5732 or online: http://www.playlynwood.com

Workshop:  Cultivating a Healthy Relationship with Food 


Deeper Cravings: Cultivating a Healthy Relationship with Food
In this experiential workshop Peggy Farah, LMHCA Psychotherapist will guide you in an exploration of your relationship with food. Using guided discussion, journaling reflection and mindfulness exercises we will explore the dynamics of restriction/obsession and emotional eating/compulsive eating. Peggy will teach The concepts of mindful and intuitive eating, scientifically proven methods for finding freedom in your relationship with food.



PLACE: “The Workshop” Fitness Center and Spa, 172 Sunset Ave, Edmonds, Wa

COST: $27

RSVP: To register contact ‘The Workshop’ www.theworkshopedmonds.com


Speaking Engagements

Want to book Peggy to speak at your next conference or event or have her facilitate a custom workshop for your group? Contact her today to inquire about her availability.

Listen to Peggy speak about her own story and The Deeper Cravings Path™

Deeper Cravings Inspiration & Support Circles

Next Circle:TBA

The Deeper Cravings Inspiration & Support Circle is an  in person gathering of people interested in deepening their experience of peace and joy through learning how to engage a ‘practice of presence’ and align their lives with their Authentic Self. This group is open to anyone but especially suits people who are spiritually curious, self-aware and open hearted. Topics vary from meeting to meeting. The evening is broken up into 2 segments:

Inspiration: Peggy Farah, Psychotherapist, Meditation teacher and Food/Body Issue expert presents on various topics related to health, psychology & spirituality. In this portion of the evening she will be teaching from latest information & research and sharing helpful practices to integrate into daily life. Peggy’s talk will often include an experiential component such as a meditation, journal assignment or art based activity to deepen your understanding of how the subject manifests in your own life circumstance.

Support: This will be a facilitated sharing of experiences and an opportunity for the group to explore successes, struggles and questions related to the topic. This will also be a time for specific Q&A with Peggy related to the topic. The sharing portion of the evening is presented as an optional invitation for those willing. For those that are less comfortable speaking, much can be gained from sitting and listening to the experiences and wisdom of others in the circle.

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