Deeper Connection™ A Couples Therapy Intensive

Deeper Connection™ is a personalized Couples Therapy Intensive designed to birth more authenticity and harmony into your relationship. In just 12 hours (Four 3 hour sessions) you and your partner will learn the 8 guiding principles for healthy partnership and experience transformative tools and practices that will ignite more trust and understanding than you would have thought possible in such a short time. This will result in the Deeper Connection™ that you both have been craving and provide the springboard for co-creating a new dynamic between you that is based on healthy relating.

Deeper Connection combines elements from Neufeld attachment theory, Emotion Focused Therapy, Gottman Approach, Non-Violent Communication training, Imago therapy and Mindfulness training

Intensive Program consists of four – 3 hour sessions scheduled on Fridays

Fees: $675 each session (4 sessions total)

  • Learn the 8 guiding principles for healthy partnership.
  • Practice how to deeply listen with empathy and understanding.
  • Navigate and communicate anger and frustration in a healthy way.
  • Discover the 3 part apology that will restore trust (hint: doesn’t include saying “I’m sorry”).
  • Practice a tool for harmoniously negotiating the seemingly impossible differences between you.
  • Restore friendship, fun and romantic intimacy

Contact Peggy Farah, LMHC at to scheduled or added to the waitlist