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_DSC0131Awaken to the present moment by enjoying Deeper Cravings Meditations.

Peggy Farah, LMHCA, MPS, Psychotherapist, Life Coach and Founder of The Deeper Cravings Path™ guides you through 20 healing audio meditations for a healthy mind, body, heart & Spirit.

Experience your first 3 for free now:

Mindful Eating:

(be sure to have one small food item on hand for this meditation: a single grape, nut, cranberry etc)

Start incorporating mindful eating into your daily life by committing to one mindful bite at each meal.

Body Gratitude:

Throughout the day find moments to offer your body and expression of gratitude.

True Desire:

Allow your heart to anchor in the belief that anything is possible.

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(**note: these audio files are in m4a format. Please be sure your browser supports this by testing the above free sample meditations)

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Struggling with Food and Your Weight? Consider stepping on The Deeper Cravings Path™

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