About Peggy


Peggy Farah, LMHC

Therapist, Founder of Release™️ and The Deeper Cravings Path™

I have spent years researching how the “practice of presence” heals us, body/mind/spirit.  This includes dedicating my Masters in Psychotherapy & Spirituality to exploring that topic through formalized research. I am now fully dedicated to helping others discover the power of presence in their own lives through my therapy and teaching work.

From an early age it was clear to me that I had a natural propensity for helping others and engaging in healing work…my path was set. As such, I have spent more than 30 years dedicated to various aspects of emotional, physical and spiritual healing and to program development, delivery & administration. The earlier part of my career was spent counseling in the areas of working with children in the areas of grief support, and coping with serious illness. My work supporting people with terminal illness had a tremendous impact on me, and shaped me to see the preciousness of every moment and the importance of truly ‘arriving’ in our life. As such, the ‘practice of presence’ is hugely important not only to my work but integral in my personal life. I have seen time and time again the power of arriving in the present moment and believe by learning how to hold our moments, even the moments of suffering; we unlock a key to finding more joy and true peace in our lives.

I spent 8 years working in senior management positions in health organizations, which offered me an opportunity to hone skills in strategic planning, leadership and communication.  These skills are imperative now in my therapy and supervision work.

My most important work, however, has been in recent years with the opportunity to raise the two spiritual teachers I live with, my kids. As a wife and a mother of two adolescents, a business owner, and a former executive, I feel that I can truly understand the difficulty of managing the ‘juggle’.  I know to my core that life is meant to be so much more than simply tolerated and ‘managed’,  I believe our lives are always calling us into more joy and connection…it is our birthright to BE here, to really live in the fullest expression of our most authentic Self. That is what drives my passion for doing what I do.

Currently, one of my main loves in therapy work is helping couples heal and thrive. I truly believe there is no more powerful healing than what can be accomplished between adults in relationships.

I also love to help people to cope with the pain of body image concerns in a culture obsessed with thinness.  This passion developed out of my own personal 30-year struggle with and transformative healing from compulsive eating, negative body image & chronic dieting, as well as my academic research on the topic of how presence heals food & body image and the resulting development of a curriculum called The Deeper Cravings Path™. What I experienced is that through developing a loving and protective connection with my body, I was able to dramatically shift my eating patterns. In my own story I was able to integrate much healthier behaviors through giving up the obsession, letting go of the diet culture in favor of an intuitive eating approach, and adopting a practice of mindfulness in regard to my eating behaviors. I know how all-consuming living with compulsive eating is, and I also KNOW that it is possible to find freedom and peace in our relationship with food–through developing an authentic connection with our bodies, our Selves, and the present moment.

I feel deeply called to share my journey and learning with you in the hope that I can be part of your process in healing your relationships, returning to the moment and realizing your own potential for true joy and freedom in life.



5 thoughts on “About Peggy

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  3. Hi Peggy-Just wanted to congratulate you on your new c hoosen journey to enjoy yourself as well as leading and helping others find their paths. I have always felt this connection of genuineness the first time we met so I know this calling is perfect for you.
    My very best to you, Leona

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