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This has given me a new perspective and hope. Peggy was excellent. I feel like there was much variety in what we did and it was a warm and safe environment to share. She gave us extra time when we needed it and always checked in to see what the group wanted. It provided the individual work to feel or connect with where I was in the moment and gave some time to reflect on the beauty and goodness of who I am that I often push away or do not take time to appreciate. It was invaluable. Cindy J. (Deeper Cravings Path Graduate)

It will take me years to really understand how much value this program has brought to my life. I have so many amazing tools, now. Peggy has an amazingly peaceful presence and energy. Her space allowed for so much to come up for me. I refer to the materials and think about what I learned daily. Kelly, (Deeper Cravings Path Graduate)

This is a pioneering course. Even though Geneen Roth and other authors like her have been around for years, it’s very, very difficult to find support groups that embrace this new way of dealing with food issues. I have tried for many years before finding a therapist who embraces this philosophy as well as a course like Deeper Cravings. Reading books is great but it helps to have people to talk to as well. I looked forward to the sessions each week. Peggy created a safe, calm, environment for us to explore the aspects of our disordered eating. We were offered so many tools to help us: books, writing exercises, discussions, meditations … everything was presented to be taken or not. No one was pressured into doing anything they didn’t feel comfortable doing. I wish the course could have continued but I look forward to the graduate program and to keeping in touch with the ladies in my group. I know I have sown the seeds for positive change in my life.”  Lori (Deeper Cravings Graduate)

My Dearest Peggy, Last night I watched a movie with three large chocolate bars in my cupboard. I had bought them earlier that day for my trip. Not only did I not eat them but I did not even think about them. It is not that I had forgotten they were there. I knew they were there. I just did not obsess about them or have to fight off the craving. I just listened to my body and I did not want them. Never in my life have I not heard the call of my beloved chocolate. I truly feel so free today. You have really come up with something truly life changing. You have given me tools for control of myself and my body for the first time in my life. Can’t tell you how excited I am for your paradigm shift of the way people can set themselves free of a life time of obsessing over food and their body’s.”  Kathleen, (Deeper Cravings Path)

Peggy was a warm, welcoming and insightful guide through the stuff that was keeping me disconnected from myself. I was able to explore the negative thoughts I was feeling about my body while equipping me to release these thoughts. Peggy also taught me that by listening and honoring my body, I would feel connected, stronger, and healthier. Most of all, Peggy acted as my coach back to  “presence”, which was the biggest gift I could receive. The practice of “presence” has positively influenced every aspect of my life (being  present for my family, at work, etc..) noticing the beauty that is all around us.” Alison, (1-1 Coaching Client)

“ I explored myself and my relationship with food and the present moment in a way that I have never done. The coaching, insights and strategies I learned have influenced me and my relationship with food. I see now, that perfection isn’t the goal. Freedom and peace is the goal.” Danielle, (1-1 Coaching Client)

When I first met Peggy, the first thing that struck me was her incredible sense of presence and inner light. Just being in her presence made me feel more present myself. During the Deeper Cravings course, I was overwhelmed by her generosity, authenticity, integrity, compassion and respect for us participants. She is a person that cares deeply for others and teaches not only through her words, but through her BEING. I would recommend her course to anyone who is ready and willing to go deeper within themselves, explore their patterns and get to the core of their “deeper cravings”. The course has helped me tremendously and my hope is that others will be able to find the same liberation and inner peace Marie-Christine,  (Deeper Cravings Path Graduate)

“I was ready for this kind of program. After a long process, diets, yoyo, therapy, reading Geneen Roth etc. I was ready! Peggy was great! Patient, a good listener, respectful and always had good advice for us. I made peace with my body. It was worth every penny!” Ann  (Deeper Cravings Path Graduate).

Deeper Cravings Card

“The Deeper Cravings Workshop exceeded my expectations.  I was ready to explore mind/body awareness with a group of like-minded women willing to go beyond our culture’s typical obsessions with body shape and weight loss.  You provided a safe and nurturing environment to explore our relationship with food and with our bodies, offering a wide range of tools, creative exercises, challenging assignments, and opportunities for reflection. Rather than numbing with mindless eating (or mindless replacements), I’m [now]willing to acknowledge and value my need for quiet self-nurturing through yoga, meditation, creative expression, and taking care of my overall well-being.We shared lots of wisdom and insights in our group for which I am grateful.   This process is definitely not a quick fix, and I know it will take consistent effort and practise, but this path contains many elements that feel like home. You created the framework of a welcoming and safe environment, encouraging mutual respect, non-judgmental attitudes, and a willingness to explore and experiment with a compassionate heart.You shared generously: of yourself, your knowledge, and your enthusiasm.”  Irene (Deeper Cravings Path Client)

I learned to forgive myself for the harm I inflicted on my body. Peggy is a wonderful facilitator. Her obvious passion of helping others on their journey with their relationship to food exudes from her. She is loving, kind and understanding which makes the experience safe and easy to participate in. It doesnt matter where you are in your relationship to food, you will definitely benefit from a Deeper Cravings Workshop” Jayne Blumenthal (Deeper Cravings Path Graduate)

open arms in meditation

“I also loved the experience. It was great being in such supportive group and I valued the time. It really has been the springboard for me that has allowed me to go even deeper. Peggy is a wonderful facilator” Monica (Deeper Cravings Path Graduate).

“Dear Peggy, I had to write to say how fortunate I feel for having crossed your path. Additionally I’m so glad I had the opportunity to participate in your DC course. I’m still learning, but know your teachings are a part of my process. I enjoy your FB updates and incorporate each invitation to my days. Thank you Peggy for sharing your amazing story and thank you for teaching others to find their true path to presence, mindfulness and self love. Lisa (Deeper Cravings Path Graduate)

“Dearest Peggy, I went into Deeper Cravings course with many hesitations. Will this be a lot of hooey? I was just  so exhausted and frustrated with my constant yo-yo dieting that had lasted for years that I felt I had nothing to lose by trying your course.  All I can say is Wow!! I didn’t think I had food issues as one would normally imagine- I was not abnormally under or overweight.  I was convinced that my problem was that I lacked discipline, and as a result, I would constantly beat myself up. I cannot express to you my gratitude for 6 wonderful Sunday afternoons, where I was given a safe haven to explore my own issues with food – issues I was not even aware that I had!  Each class is carefully conceived to return us to a healthy and connected mind, body and spirit. You are a warm, dynamic and fun facilitator who was able to guide us each to our own path, back to us. During your class, you taught me wonderful techniques such as mindfulness, meditation, movement to work past these issues so that I can begin to have a healthy and peaceful relationship with food. You taught me to be compassionate with myself for the first time in my life. You also taught me techniques to develop a healthy way to enjoy food, without using it as a way to escape…. I have now begun to let go of my food and body issues. Imagine! I cannot even begin to compare your gentle and positive approach to a healthy me with my previous constant dieting and self-disgust. All I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Julia (Deeper Cravings Path Graduate)

It was a fantastic journey. Peggy’s candidness and softness were elemental in the process. I felt safe and comfortable in sharing.  I am very happy to have discovered this new world. I have tons of learning to do but the program gave me all the resources I need to be well in my way.”    Yolanda (Deeper Cravings Path Graduate)

The Deeper Cravings course created a safe atmosphere for us to look at difficult, sometimes very painful, sides of our challenges with body image and with feeding ourselves. It facilitated the exploration of issues we normally keep hidden, and left us feeling hopeful and excited to move on, and with real strategies to keep progressing. I am very glad to have invested my time, money and energy in this experience.” Julie (Deeper Cravings Path Graduate)

“It’s been more valuable to me than anything I have done for helping me with my disordered food stuff”  Lori (Deeper Cravings Path Graduate)



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