A Deeper Kind of Craving

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Deeper Cravings is a very unique program aimed at addressing food and body issues. The program utilizes the practice of presence to help us form a deeper connection with our body so that we begin to lose the body shame, the obsession with dieting, and chaotic eating patterns…and as a result we gain freedom and peace in our relationship with food and our body and move closer to our natural healthy weight. The Deeper Cravings Course is offered in many formats.  I invite you to explore the site, view what past participants are saying about their experience and contact me at peggy@deepercravings.com to book your free phone consultation to see if this program is right for you.

A little more background…

Many of us are engaged in  a constant struggle with our own bodies. We try and fail at countless diets and spend innumerable hours obsessing about what we should or should not eat or wondering about what life will be like when we finally arrive at that desired weight. We subject our bodies to rejection, shame, verbal loathing, deprivation, starvation diet regimens, and neglect. Despite all the mental space our bodies occupy we are completely disconnected from them. Cut off from the experience of living within the body.

After two years of researching how the practice of presence can transform the relationship one has with the body and with food  I have developed Deeper Cravings, a guide for you as you transform your relationship with food and achieve your natural healthy body weight. When we truly embrace the present moment from within the body, whatever size it may be at the time, we have an instant opportunity for grace. By practicing presence through mindfulness, mindful eating, meditation, yoga, ritual etc we can restore the connection with our own body and completely transform our relationship with food.

Each time we reach for food when we are not hungry it is a reminder that we are lost and need to return home. We need to arrive in the body, become present, see clearly what is going on within. When we do, we no longer crave food, nor do we feel distant from the body. In those moments we are whole. When we arrive in the present moment we realize that we already have what we were craving all along.

The deepest craving in all of us is for Peace. This is the kind of peace that can only come from being home, living as our true Selves. When we are out of alignment with ourselves, even in the slightest way, we suffer. This suffering can take the form of even a subtle feeling of discontent. Our beings are not truly, fully at peace unless we are connected. We long for this reunion but often do not know what it is that we are longing for. To alleviate the craving we sometimes take misguided turns into the arms of drugs, alcohol, material belongings, beauty, overwork and for me and for many of us, into the arms of food.

Healing our relationship with our bodies is a journey of returning. The Deeper Cravings Course was designed to support you on your journey home. Through the course we can come to see that our lifelong alienation from our own body, tendency towards overeating and obsessive relationship with dieting can be pivotal teachers in our own awakening.

© Deeper Cravings, 2012.

3 thoughts on “A Deeper Kind of Craving

  1. This is absolutely wonderful! Beautiful website with timely ideas that MUST BE SHARED! I am so glad you are doing this and I will be following your site and referring my clients here for progressive ideas on body acceptance, self love and true nourishment. Thanks for your willingness Peggy!

  2. I was a participant in the course and I also loved the experience. It was great being in such supportive group and I valued the time. It really has been the springboard for me that has allowed me to go even deeper. Peggy is a wonderful facilator.

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