Compassionate Curiosity

If you have been struggling with food and body issues for many years then you have likely spent countless hours trying to understand and change your behaviors. What presence and mindfulness practice offers is a new way to more gently understand these behaviors and view ourselves.

Through mindfulness we move from shame based questioning to a very clear feeling of non-judgment as we reflect on our eating  patterns and triggers. We develop, what I call, a compassionate curiosity that seems to arise out of a deeper, wiser part of ourselves. We can compare it to a loving mother beholding a child who doesn’t know any better. We can see a broken part of ourselves with compassion, love and curiosity.

When we feel an urge to binge or overeat, we actually begin to want to ask the question: ‘what is this about? Where is this coming from?’ There is a natural, gentle curiousity rather than having the overeating lead to feelings of failure, guilt and shame. This compassionate curiosity allows us to approach ourselves in a whole new way.

This compassionate curiosity also translates to our reflections about our history with food and our bodies. The Deeper Cravings course was designed to support you on your journey back to your body and help facilitate the development of compassionate curiousity.We learn that we can reflect on our past experiences related to food and our body with complete acceptance rather than holding any anger or asking ‘why’ and looking to lay blame.  In the clarity of presence, we can fully accept our history for what it was and in fact take the perspective that these wounds are a necessary part of our story and development. We can begin to see that this struggle is an important teacher in our lives. we can let go of wishing our bodies were different and plant ourselves firmly in the now.

© Deeper Cravings, 2012.

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