The Deeper Cravings Path™ Course Outline

 The Deeper Cravings Path™ is a unique 12 week program that allows you to form a true connection with your body and develop a peaceful relationship with food.

It’s time to be free!

Listen to Peggy offering a detailed overview of the Deeper Cravings Path™ Course Outine:



The Deeper Cravings Path™ incorporates mindfulness, mindful & intuitive eating, artful reflection and journalling, meditative movement, and exploration of the emotional hungers that feed in to this struggle.



By taking the Deeper Cravings Path™   you journey through 4 healing processes with food and your body: Illumination, Embodiment, Connection and Emergence.


Reclaiming Home and Compassionate Curiosity

_DSC0290Together we explore the story of our body and begin to understand why the diet culture has failed us. We gain an overview of the skills and practices that can connect us back to our body. To effectively transform our relationship with food and our body we learn how to non-judgmentally gain insight into our patterns with food and the triggers that lead us to overeat and feel shame about our body. We learn how to bring more kindness to our view of our behaviors and our body.


Listening and Responding to the Body

_DSC0255This is a process of learning to actually BE in our body (so often we are lost in our thoughts about the past or the future) and begin to understand what it means to be truly connected to our bodies. Fostering this connection allows us listen to our body’s needs and respond. The body has a perfect natural mechanism to tell us exactly what, when and how much to eat and when and how to move…we just have to learn how to get out of its way! When we listen to our bodies there is no need for calorie counting, food plans or forced workout routines. All the years of chaotic eating (cycling between dieting and overeating) have taught us how to ignore our body’s cues. Learning how to be in our body is the first step to beginning to listen to the body and appropriately respond to serve its true needs.


Embracing the Body

_DSC0234Through practicing presence we recognize that it is possible to fully love and accept our bodies no matter what their shape and size. We learn that is only through this full embrace that our bodies can achieve health.  During this part of the program we ritualize a peace-making process with the body. We then see that it is possible for the toxic and hurtful comparisons, that keep us locked in shame about our own body, to fall away. Through exercises designed to help us connect to ourselves, others and to food, we will explore how to feed our various hungers in a way that honors our bodies and our integrity and never leaves us feeling deprived.


Food as a Doorway to our true Selves

_DSC0266We learn that food doesn’t need to be feared and that if we let it, it can provide an opportunity to connect us to what it is that we are truly hungry for. We will learn how to reclaim our relationship with food. The contentious relationship with food that once existed transforms to one that is empowered. Eating becomes pleasurable and uncomplicated. We acknowledge the transformations we are begining see in our view of our bodies and the changes in our health behaviors and gain an understanding into the deeper cravings that have led us to develop an unbalanced relationship with our bodies in the past. Through creative exercises we will explore our individual paths for satisfying those deeper cravings moving forward And align our lives with our Authentic Selves.

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Read what past participants are saying about their experience taking The Deeper Cravings Path.

Here are some experiences from recent participants about the journey:

“My Dearest Peggy, Last night I watched a movie with three large chocolate bars in my cupboard. I had bought them earlier that day for my trip. Not only did I not eat them but I did not even think about them. It is not that I had forgotten they were there. I knew they were there. I just did not obsess about them or have to fight off the craving. I just listened to my body and I did not want them. Never in my life have I not heard the call of my beloved chocolate. I truly feel so free today. You have really come up with something truly life changing. You have given me tools for control of myself and my body for the first time in my life. Can’t tell you how excited I am for your paradigm shift of the way people can set themselves free of a life time of obsessing over food and their body’s.”  Kathleen, May 2013

“Peggy was a warm, welcoming and insightful guide through the stuff that was keeping me disconnected from myself. I was able to explore the negative thoughts I was feeling about my body while equipping me to release these thoughts. Peggy also taught me that by listening and honoring my body, I would feel connected, stronger, and healthier. Most of all, Peggy acted as my coach back to  “presence”, which was the biggest gift I could receive. The practice of “presence” has positively influenced every aspect of my life (being  present for my family, at work, etc..) noticing the beauty that is all around us.” Alison, May 2013

“I explored myself and my relationship with food and the present moment in a way that I have never done. The coaching, insights and strategies I learned have influenced me and my relationship with food. I see now, that perfection isn’t the goal. Freedom and peace is the goal.” Danielle, May 2013

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