The Deeper Cravings Path™

The Deeper Cravings Path™ is a unique 12 week program that allows you to form a true connection with your body and develop a peaceful relationship with food.

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Over the 12 weeks you will learn how to:

  • Love your body.
  • End the struggle with weight loss.
  • Overcome compulsive and emotional eating.
  • Never diet again.
  • Recognize emotional and spiritual hungers.
  • Live the life you want.

Listen to Peggy as she tells you her personal story of transformation and provides you with an in depth description of The Deeper Cravings Path™:

The Deeper Cravings Path™ is offered as a 12 session coaching program. You will receive:

  • 12 separate research based curriculum modules walking you through the 4 phases of The Deeper Cravings Path™ taught by Peggy Farah, LMHC, MPS, Psychotherapist, these are delivered through weekly 50 min coaching session
  • Written overviews of the teachings and assignments are provided for each session.
  •  Each session offers several unique and transformative practices/assignments for you to complete each week that are easy to integrate in daily life (no more than 1-2 hrs per week required).
  • Following completion of the coaching program you will have access to 15-30 min audio recorded teachings of each session accessible through password protected pages on this website.

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On this Path™ you let go of the diet mentality and obsession with losing weight and transform your chaotic eating patterns. You then discover that true healing comes when you feed your deeper hungers: authenticity, joy, freedom, peace and feeling at home in your skin.

Through practical skills that shift your relationship with food and your body you begin to love and respond to the body and more easily attain it’s own optimally healthy state . Unlike dieting, this is the kind of change that can be sustained because it is born of an authentic connection and kindness with our bodies.

The Path™ incorporates mindfulness, mindful & intuitive eating, artful reflection and journalling, meditative movement, and exploration of the emotional and spiritual hungers that feed in to this struggle.

For a more detailed description and an outline of the 4 phases of the program click here or listen to the audio above.


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12 Session Coaching Program:

My standard coaching rate is $135 per session or you may purchase a 12 session package for $1200. You may cancel at any point for a prorated refund.

I offer a free no-obligation 20 min exploration session prior to purchase of the coaching program (in-person or by phone as per client preference). Contact to schedule.

Once you have completed the coaching program, you access session material by clicking the links below and entering the password you are provided. 

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Thank you for walking the path with me!