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Have questions about Deeper Cravings Therapy, Coaching, Speaking or Workshops? I would love to hear from you.


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5 thoughts on “Reach Me

  1. Peggy…I really enjoyed meeting you the other day…..You are a joy to listen to…..Your presentation was so clear and exciting……
    Unfortunately I do not think that I can take the course with you….I have another class that I am committed to every 2nd Monday………
    so if you ever come back to Montreal and give another class let me know because maybe then I will be able to join your group……
    Keep up your good work where ever you may be……
    and I will keep my eye on your facebook postings…..
    take care….

  2. Hi Peggy
    Deeper Cravings is wonderful. I enjoyed reading your story and journey. And especially, I could relate to the culmination of events that brought you to where you are now. Congratulations and hugs to you.

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