Swallowing Boredom

It’s an itchy sensation…boredom. We don’t like it, we resist it, we want more, we feel we deserve MORE…sometimes this leads, quite frankly, to more in the way of calories…calories our body isn’t asking for in the moment…but there can be something very powerful about learning to allow ourselves to sit with the experience of boredom (rather than trying to chase it away through crunching, flavors, and fullness). By learning to sit with boredom we can begin to develop trust in the ever-changing nature of our lives. Trust in the knowledge that ‘boredom one minute, sparkle the next’.

In this  3 minute video I share about the experience of using food to chase away boredom and also offer a mindfulness practice to help us in those moments when we are itching for that bit of excitement from food.

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