Tight Pants

20140418-113811.jpgShe lives within. That tiny, sometimes scared, sometimes hurt little girl. When she arrives she demands to be seen. She wants the world to stop and to be noticed, to be held. She reaches to be soothed in the old familiar ways, thus a return of some of the old patterns. You know the ones; snacking on stale dry cereal late at night despite a body that doesn’t need or want that food…and in particularly stressful or emotionally turbulent times, she takes up residence for a little while and this will inevitably result in tight pants.

As much as we grow and evolve and think ‘we are over it’ we all must learn how to coexist with and welcome our little ones, those little child versions of ourselves that still need our attention from time to time and call upon old tactics from our past.

Walking a mindful path with food and my body has allowed me to develop a different sort of curiosity when my old eating old patterns resurface. Rather than reverting back to pure panic and relentless shaming, I now can step back and ask of myself; ‘what is truly happening here? what do I truly need now? how can I hold my little one through this?’

Healing our relationship with food and our body is not about eradicating every old habit forever more, rather it is about developing kindness and a new sort of understanding and level of insight when they do arise. It is about honoring the compulsion as an important message, a sign that there is something we need to pay attention to.

The Deeper Cravings Path is about learning how to journey WITH your body. Recognizing that your body is a tolerant companion, patiently standing with us as our ‘stuff’ gets activated. We learn to thank the body for the role it plays as we turn to take care of the spirit business that has been keeping us stuck. Then, with awareness, we gently swing back into alignment and are able to honor our body’s wisdom once again.

When we can’t stop eating there is a very good chance that we are actually starving. There is something we deeply need that we are depriving ourselves of. Showing up as the fullest expression of who we actually are means learning and relearning and relearning how to feed ourselves in each and every moment.

This is not a path of perfection, rather it is a path of moment by moment commitment to truth, to love, to kindness. It is about learning to journey with our bodies and recognize that our bodies can serve as a reflection of what it is that we need to connect with.

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