What I learned (and relearned) from 2012:

  • blue sparkle pic - New Years EveThat my body never lies.
  • That food is not scary and enjoying it is my birthright.
  • That ‘big’ ‘round’ ‘curvy’ are just words, descriptions, nothing more. No more menacing that ‘blue’ ‘cold’ or ‘salty’.
  • That all of us deserve to be completely free in our bodies and in our beings.
  • That the present moment is all there is…and it IS everything.
  • That no emotion, no matter how big or intense has the power to destroy me.
  • That my deeper craving is for connection and peace.
  • That kindness, compassion, and generosity are everywhere.
  • That when I look for the light, it emerges…everytime.
  • That Gratitude is Golden, in every instance with every breath.

HAPPY 2013 everyone! It’s gonna be great!