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As your coach I see my role as that of a partner in your process. I walk along side you, guiding you into an exploration of the areas that have you feeling stuck and unfullfilled. We explore they ways you have been disconnected from truly savoring your life and uncover the deeper hungers that have fed into your struggles. I teach you specific practices to help you to become more ‘present’ leading you to more connection in your life.  I offer you a menu of homework  ‘invitations’  as part of my coaching so you can deepen the work we do in session.

While I work with a large range of issues (relationships, career, life transitions, grief, loss, illness)  my primary area of specialty is helping with body image, frustration over yoyo dieting and binge and compulsive eating.

***If you are specifically looking to explore coming in to a peaceful relationship with food and your body and overcoming issues of yo-yo dieting, overeating and body shame then explore the 12 week Deeper Cravings Path™  offered as an online course or a 1-1 coaching experience.

How it works:  Sessions are offered weekly to start and then can taper down to every other week depending on the needs and preferences of the client. Together we co-create an action plan with specific goals to address the area(s) in your life that feel stuck. Clients are sent away with ‘homework’ assignments and an accountability model to ensure movement on their path.

My rate is $140 per 50 min session.

Free Exploration Session:

I believe whole-heartedly that skill and experience of the coach is only part of the equation. The ‘fit’ between client and coach is, in my opinion, paramount to a successful process. As such I offer a free no-obligation 20 min exploration session (in-person or by phone as per client preference).

Contact me using the below contact form to set up your free exploration session and I will respond by e-mail by the next business day and we will go from there!

Here’s what those on the 1-1 Deeper Cravings coaching journey are saying about their experience:

“My Dearest Peggy, Last night I watched a movie with three large chocolate bars in my cupboard. I had bought them earlier that day for my trip. Not only did I not eat them but I did not even think about them. It is not that I had forgotten they were there. I knew they were there. I just did not obsess about them or have to fight off the craving. I just listened to my body and I did not want them. Never in my life have I not heard the call of my beloved chocolate. I truly feel so free today. You have really come up with something truly life changing. You have given me tools for control of myself and my body for the first time in my life. Can’t tell you how excited I am for your paradigm shift of the way people can set themselves free of a life time of obsessing over food and their body’s.”  Kathleen, May 2013

“Peggy was a warm, welcoming and insightful guide through the stuff that was keeping me disconnected from myself. I was able to explore the negative thoughts I was feeling about my body while equipping me to release these thoughts. Peggy also taught me that by listening and honoring my body, I would feel connected, stronger, and healthier. Most of all, Peggy acted as my coach back to  “presence”, which was the biggest gift I could receive. The practice of “presence” has positively influenced every aspect of my life (being  present for my family, at work, etc..) noticing the beauty that is all around us.” Alison, May 2013

“My 3 month journey with Peggy and the “Deeper Craving” path was insightful. I explored myself and my relationship with food and the present moment in a way that I have never done. The coaching, insights and strategies I learned have influenced me and my relationship with food. I see now, that perfection isn’t the goal. Freedom and peace is the goal.” Danielle, May 2013

Click here for more feedback from past participants of The Deeper Cravings Path.

Contact me using the contact form above to book a free exploration session to discuss your coaching needs so we can build the right coaching package or you.

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