Manifesting Miracles with Oprah – (part 2)”


Hearing that I won tickets to the Oprah event in what had been an otherwise incredibly tough month due to the sudden passing of my father would have been enough, but then to get the news that I would be interviewed by Oprah through a separate set of circumstances – it was really becoming my wildest dream come true. The kind of string of events that I had only known in really cool and uplifting movies.

The news came to me in what I am describing as my ‘Tai Chi in a spray park moment’. A couple of summers ago I watched  a women offering moving poems with her Tai Chi master right in the middle of a children’s outdoor spray park. I marveled at her concentration as my kids (and about 20 others from the neighborhood) bounced about her, shouting and splashing. I was amused and impressed by what I believed was her self-imposed challenge in the practice of presence.

I had my own such challenge 2 weeks ago when my phone rang (which is usually in silent mode) in my office during a meetin.  The call displayed an Illinois area code  (where Harpo is headquartered) and so I excused myself apologetically and stood just outside my office door to answer. It was a member of Oprah’s staff informing me that the very next day Oprah was going to interview me on stage in response to a picture Deeper Cravings tweeted about my personal Deeper Cravings journey. What I wanted to do was scream, faint, jump up and down, shout it out to the world but what I had to do instead was quickly resume composure and return to my meeting calmly saying… “Okay, pardon that interruption, where were we?” This was truly a feat in presence like none other I have every experienced.

Leaving my office that day with this incredible news was truly an indescribable experience of gratitude. At one point while driving the sun was streaming in my windows and joy was spilling out of every pore of my being. Not only would I have the opportunity to meet my dear Oprah but I was also simultaneously being gifted the opportunity to tell 10,000 people one of the most important lessons I had come to learn in my life: That being at home in our body is our birthright and that regardless of our shape and size we deserve to be free and joyful in our body. That our worth is never measured by our weight and that life is about showing up: being present.

No words can truly describe the magic in this weekend. My sister (whom attended with me)?and I were floating throughout the event. It reminded me of a very soulful retreat where the participants are able to leave the typical business of regular life at the door and meet on what matters most. Only, rather than a small circle of seekers the experience is multiplied by thousands.

There was an unfathomable sense of togetherness and shared understanding present in that stadium. We were all travelers in search of a similar destination; the life we truly crave. Oprah and her impressive line-up of guest speakers had a way of imparting that they too were no different, they too are travelers seeking. As such, their talks felt more like an engaging conversation honoring the wisdom of all rather than a decree dropped down from an expert.

Following my amazing 2 minutes on stage (see video link below) I was literally vibrating with excitement. My husband asked if my knees were shaking meeting Oprah and truthfully it didn’t feel like nerves rather it felt like electricity. It felt like, had I been given the chance, I could have gone on for an hour sharing what I have learned about how accessing the present moment can reap the harvest of peace, joy, love and connection that we so crave and reach for through our misguided addictions, obsessions and disconnections and how fostering an authentic connection with our body can offer us a quicker vehicle to vibrant and healthy living.

The day after Oprah would have been my father 81st birthday and so my sister and I, still riding on our Oprah high, headed North to be with family in Canada and prepare to say a final formal good-bye to my dad at a family gathering the following day. It was a very strange premise to have such an incredible dream come true experience manifest in the middle of such pain and grief. It was two poignant polarities of suffering and joy melding together in my life and challenging me to hold the paradox.

Life is indeed a mystery and life always is as it is. The waves of life come and they crash in around our feet; sometimes as a welcome and refreshing reminder of renewal and sometimes catching us by surprise and nearly knocking us off our feet.

What I have come to see, beyond any doubt, is what was often discussed at the Oprah event; we are co-creators of our reality. Meeting Oprah has been my hearts longing for the majority of my life and more recently finding a way to give my Deeper Cravings message a larger platform has also been a strong desire. God, Universe, Source, Goodness, The angels, whatever name we call Divine mystery and my own desire aligned to make that miracle happen and the Spirit continues to align to move me (and all of us) out of pain towards increasing levels of healing for that I have nothing but AWE and Gratitude!

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