Gratitude for the Gift

Name a diet and I have tried it. I have belonged to Weight Watchers in 3 different countries over 3 different decades,  I have tried the Zone, Atkins, Slimfast, NutriSystem, Herbalife and many, many others. All of them worked…for a while. Then that inevitable day would come when I would find myself on my second bowl of ice cream feeling defeated and ashamed. My desire to be thin ran so deep however that dieting always prevailed so after a blurry few months of overeating and self-loathing I would dust myself off and pick up a magazine to find the next “quick fix diet solution”. It didn’t occur to me that perhaps my own refusal to accept and appreciate my body was a huge factor in keeping me from achieving a healthy weight.

Through developing a true connection with our bodies we can experience beauty in the totality of our body. Rather than being solely focused on our self-defined “problem areas” we can begin to recognize all the parts of the body that serve us perfectly day in and day out. Presence offers an opening to truly appreciate and give due attention to our whole body: the eyes, the ears, the hands and feet etc. Through the Deeper Cravings course we come to see that gratitude holds an important key in truly transforming the relationship we have with our bodies and how transforming the relationship is the whole key to achieving a healthy weight.

Being present in our bodies, coming to know them, letting go of the past story related to them and experiencing the ‘now’ we awaken to the beauty that has been there all along. We begin to understand that our bodies are a gift entrusted to us, ours to value and take care of. So often the concept of taking care of the body is only understood through the lens eating right and exercise.  However, what we sometimes miss is that perhaps the most important way that we can take care of our bodies is to authentically appreciate them, regardless of their size.

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