A Vote for Love

img_1337Today many hearts are broken, many hearts are grieving, many hearts are fearful, many hearts are celebrating, many hearts are relieved, many hearts are wrapped in hope.

Today, we interpret our world from many different places but what unifies us is that at the center of ALL hearts there is a yearning for peace. We all crave joy. We all cherish freedom. We all love our babies. We all hope for a better tomorrow. We all feel the sting of injustice (some more than others). We all have light and love as our very essence no matter how removed we may be from that light.

Today allow your heart to feel what it is feeling but then act from a heart of love. Contribute to your community. Smile at a stranger. Donate. Speak peace. Meditate or say a prayer. Celebrate the beauty of our natural world. Send a loving thought to the person you did not vote for. Send a loving thought to the person you did vote for.

Trust in the enduring goodness of life. Believe in your power. Today, cast your vote for LOVE.

 May I offer you this Deeper Cravings guided meditation/visualization on peace and unity:



photo credit: digital-dreams July 4th via photopin (license)