Mindful Eating Meditation (audio)

Have you heard the buzz about mindful eating? The research supports that mindful eating leads to regularly choosing smaller portions, healthier food selections and more satisfaction with every bite.

What I have discovered is the incredible beauty and abundance in every bite when approached with the total attention offered through mindfulness.

Mindful Eating can completely shift how you experience food. By awakening to your senses the food can become alive, more vibrant and more delightful than ever before.

So often we eat without really experiencing, we are forking for the next bite while the current bite is just underway. How many times have I nearly finished a meal only to realize I hadn’t been there for it at all.

In this meditation I will give a brief description of mindfulness and then take you through a mindful eating meditation. For future meditations sent directly to your inbox click here.

Please have one small food item on hand for the meditation. This could be a single grape, a nut, a cranberry, or other small items such as a cracker.

What did you notice? How was this experience of eating different from your usual experiences of eating? Bringing mindfulness to the experience of eating immediately connects you to your body and opens up the beauty and abundance in food.

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Mindful Eating Meditation