The Deeper Cravings Challenge

Every week I see women in my office who are struggling with the pain of feeling not at home in their body. My heart breaks every time I hear the familiar story. I know this struggle all too well; shame at social events, frustration in the mirror, waiting to do (or wear) the things we love until we are smaller, dashed hopes…more days pass, more of our lives get wrapped up in this rejection of and obsession with our bodies.

No more! Enough. There are millions of beautiful, creative, amazing beings who are holding themselves back in one way or another due to a belief that they are not okay as they are. Time to be free. Time to let your Light shine!

If you are ready to end this struggle and be free then take the Deeper Cravings Challenge.

Follow these 4 easy steps:

1) Watch this 3 minute video.

2) Share this video on social media tagging at least 5 friends to challenge them.

3) Post a ‘be free’ picture using #deepercravings and including a link back to this page.

4) Be free in your beautiful body today!